No to increase Property taxes

In 2005, the Nevada Legislature determined that rising real property values had placed an unreasonable property tax burden on taxpayers: The Legislature hereby finds and declares that an increase in the tax bill of the owner of a home by more than 3 percent over the tax bill of that homeowner for the previous year constitutes a severe economic hardship.

 In 2017 SJR 14 is a proposed Constitutional amendment to change the way property taxes are assessed in Nevada.  It passed the 2017 Legislature.  It would need to pass the 2019 Legislature and then go to ballot in 2020. State Senator Julia Ratti from Disrtict 13 Reno-Sparks was the sponsor.

An example provided by Nevada Families for Freedom    A home taxed with the current cap incurs a tax bill of $7,706 annually, with out the cap, based on the taxable value would be $17,706.

Shannon Bilbray Axelrod voted yes to remove the cap in 2017

 Janice Wesen will vote no to remove the cap in 2019