Thank you Assemblyman Jim Marchant, for this endorsement. I look forward to working with you and the entire assembly as we work to reduce government intrusion in our lives, lower taxes, fewer regulations, a world class education system, and a safe community for us all. 


As the State Treasurer of the Hawaii Federation of Republican Women and former Hawaii Republican Party State Treasurer, I am always looking for smart, hard-working individuals who embody the values and principles of the Republican Party to be political candidates.  It is extremely difficult to find strong conservatives who are willing to commit time and energy to running for political office because of the many competing demands of earning a living and raising a family.  I frequently share my concerns regarding the direction the country is headed with friends and family.  We debate many issues, even the controversial ones, to find areas of consensus and to learn about each other’s perspectives.  I have always found my sister, Janice Wesen, to be a deep thinker, always ready to delve into the root cause of a problem and find solutions.  She has the common sense needed to serve the people instead of the people serving the mandates of an out-of-control government.  She will be a true public servant when elected as Nevada’s Assemblywomen for District 34.    After serving as a Naval Officer for over thirty years, I have a sense of what it takes to make tough decisions in a rapidly changing environment.  I am convinced that Janice Wesen is an outstanding candidate who will superbly represent her community and satisfy their needs.


Mary Smart, Captain, USN (Ret)




Thank you to Nevada Veterans Council for acknowledging my sincere interest in our veterans and their needs. It is my hope that I will be able to serve our community as selflessly as our Veterans.  Thank you for this distinction.

I am honored to have received The following grade of “Exceptional Supporter of Veterans” as demonstrated by their knowledge of veterans issues, legislative actions on behalf of veterans, commitment to veterans and (often) by their personal service in the armed forces. 



Thank you Nevada Firearms Coalition for your "A Rated" ranking of me. I take seriously my job as a citizen and soon to be law-maker the protection of our Constitution. This includes the Second Amendment.

Thank you Nevadans CANmCitizens Action Network for your A Rating. 


Congratulations.   The Nevada NFIB PAC Board has voted to endorse your candidacy for the legislature. 

As a candidate endorsed by the NFIB Nevada PAC, you may indicate our support in your campaign materials.  We will post your endorsement on the NFIB.com/Nevada web site to inform our members of your value to small businesses.  Our endorsed candidates will be listed in our 2018 NFIB/Nevada Voter Guide, which will be mailed to our over 1800 members in the state.

I thank you for running for the Nevada Legislature, and I look forward to working with you in 2019!

Janice is a strong woman and has a keen sense of the issues facing constituents in AD 34. Her conservative values are evident in her family and business success.” said Victoria Seaman, President BBCWPAC.  “Janice is working hard, raising money and walking her district; all elements of a winning campaign.


Thank you Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce for your endorsement. As a businesswoman with over 30 year’s of successful business experience and as a business partner with my husband in Mauer Animal Clinic, it is my goal to be the voice for business growth and opportunity in the 2019 Nevada State Legislature.
— Janice Wesen

Parents in Action PAC by Power2Parent.org represents families in Nevada. Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. Power2Parent is proud to extend our endorsement to you for Assembly District 34.

Our endorsement is based on your support of families and parental rights, and your dedication to supporting legislation that will reform Nevada education, and strengthen and protect our families and children.

Power2Parent is a non-profit organization and as such, we are unable to provide monetary support. We can offer strong support through our wide reach of voters and vibrant social network. We will update parents and partners in our communities through our email list, website, social media contacts, and media releases. We look forward to doing all we can to see that your campaign is a success.
— Erin Phillips, President - Power2Parent.org